“Resilience- the other Cuba”


Held over by popular demand- with new additions! – In a first-of-its-kind exhibit for the Twin Cities, a wide-ranging exhibit of contemporary Cuban art by more than a dozen internationally recognized Cuban artists will be displayed from November 5th through November 8th at the Northrup King Building of northeast Minneapolis. The exhibit, consisting of dozens of works and called – Resilencias, de otra Cuba! is curated by Cuban artist Ciro Quintana, who has been recognized as one of the most well-known and influential figures in Cuban art over the last thirty years. Creator of Pure Group, Quintana is part of a legendary generation of artists that emerged in Cuba in the early 80’s and who are responsible for a revolution in Cuban Art.“We felt that with relations changing between the U.S. and Cuba that we also should reach out and present important Cuban art to people across the U.S.”, states Quintana. “We have struggled, and some of the artists to be represented have clearly demonstrated that struggle in their art, yet others step aside to communicate freedom, idealism, whimsy and pop.”The body of work to be displayed, including paintings, drawings and mixed media, represents themes ranging from the struggle for independence to material culture. Most of the 14 artists represented are world renowned, having exhibited in major galleries in Havana, the U.S., Europe and Central America. Four of the artists will be present during the event, which will be held at the Northrup King Building, Minneapolis, November 5th, 2015 as part of the popular First Thursday’s “Art Crawl” and November 6th- 8th as part the Northrup King Building “Art Attack.”Art from the following artists will be represented: Gustavo Acosta; Jairo Alfonzo; Kenia Alguiñao; Nestor Arena; Henry Ballate; Jose Bedia; Ariel Cabrera; Consuelo Castañeda; Tomas Esson; Carlos Estevez; Adrian Morales; Ciro Quintana; Pedro Vizcaino.

The artists who will be present for the event are Alfonzo, Cabrera, Morales and Quintana.

Georgina Cuban Art to exhibit at the “Open Casket” artists event hosted at the Casket Arts Building, October 16th through the 17th

The exhibit will feature a sampling from Jesus Alfonso and Alain Hechavarria, both resident artists of Cuba. Georgina Cuban Art wishes to express the more intimate spirit of Cuba -as represented by these Cuban artists. We hope to see you there! Exhibits include: Comienzos en el arte 1989-2001; Catedral de la Habana 2001; Almacenes de… Continue Reading

Major Cuban Art Exhibit!

Major Exhibit of Cuban Art Comes to Minneapolis in October- Free to the Public!   In a first-of-its-kind exhibit for the Twin Cities, a wide-ranging exhibit of contemporary Cuban art by more than a dozen internationally-recognized Cuban artists will be displayed from October 1st through October 4th in northeast Minneapolis.   The exhibit, consisting of… Continue Reading