Georgina Cuban Art to exhibit at the “Open Casket” artists event hosted at the Casket Arts Building, October 16th through the 17th

The exhibit will feature a sampling from Jesus Alfonso and Alain Hechavarria, both resident artists of Cuba.

Georgina Cuban Art wishes to express the more intimate spirit of Cuba -as represented by these Cuban artists. We hope to see you there!


Exhibits include: Comienzos en el arte 1989-2001; Catedral de la Habana 2001; Almacenes de San Jose December 2005; Expo en Brazilia Galeria da Siiva July 2004.

About Georgina Cuban Art

Recent changes have enabled travel and greater access to lesser-known artists on the “forbidden island.” By traveling to Cuba and bringing back the art, Georgina Cuban Art, can return economic benefit to the Cuban Art community and in some small way, connect you with the creative pulse of the Cuban people.

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